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  Thursday, October 23, 2014

¿Que es Escencia Maya?
Support Communities and their Families.
Apoyé a la Comunidad & sus familias.
Fair Trade for Fair Work! Comercio Justo por Trabajo Justo!

Casa Guatemala's Fair trade initiative is now a reality. Maya Essence is a space offers fair trade goods for the community, we seek inform, educate and support the work of small producers- global and local. Visit us at our storefront. This space serves as a store, distribution center for our coffee (so, if you have any cafes, restaurants that want to serve fair trade, coop coffee, let us know) and as a community space/gallery for our partner orgs and the community in general. So support this new initiative . Come by and check us out.

La iniciativa de Comercio Justo de Casa Guatemala, Escencia Maya ( Maya Essence) es un centro que busca informar, promover la educacion sobre omercio justo e apoyar a pequeños productores glocales- global y local. Visitenos hoy! Este centro es un 3 en 1, tienda, distribuidora de cafe y espacio comunitario/galeria (si conoce algun cafe , restauarante, iglesia que dese comprar nuestro cafe, avisenos). Se ofreceran talleres de artes marciales. talleres mediaticos y otros. Apoye esta iniciativa. Visitenos pronto. Venta de productos- comercio justo, cafe, chocolate, te, artesania, comida y Musica, en vivo.


Reporte Sobre Inmigracion
Centro de Estudios Guatemalteco

Femicide in Guatemala Femicidio en Guatemala
Guatemala is still failing to take action over the high number of murders of women and girls in the country, according to Amnesty International.The rights group said there has been little progress since June 2005, when it called on the authorities to act.
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Poesia de Otto Rene Castillo OTC' s Poetry  

Casa Guatemala
who are we?
¿quienes somos?
Casa Guatemala is an independent, not-for-profit, community-based organization that has long served the Guatemalan as well as the Latin American community, in Chicago and the Midwest.. Since its inception in 1986, Casa Guatemala has sought to create community for Guatemalans and Latin Americans who have migrated to this country in search of a safe haven from political turmoil, war and economic downturns. Casa Guatemala continues with its commitment in working with our communities as they struggle to overcome these inequities in health, education. labor and immigration.

Desde su inicio en 1986, la misión de Casa Guatemala, una organizacion no lucrativa,  asido velar por los intereses de la comunidad, los Guatemaltecos y otros Latino Americanos, que por tener diferencias políticas, guerras y inestabilidad económica han emigrado a este país.. Es por eso que Casa Guatemala continua su misión con la comunidad. Luchando para obtener derechos en educación, salud, trabajo y  migración.

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Mande Corre-E



"Que todos se levanten
que nadie se
quede atras
Todos adelante”

"Everyone Must Rise that Nobody is
left behind
Everyone Ahead”
              Popol Vuh
sacred book of the Maya

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La Voz del Dia
"The most beautiful thing
for those who have fought a whole life
is to come to the end and say;
we believed in people and life,
and life and the people
never let us down.
.Otto Rene Castillo
Poeta Guatemalteco